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How Athletic Mouthguards Can Protect Your Smile

April 12, 2023 7:09 pm

Athletic mouthguards are an essential dental appliance if you plan on playing sports or participating in other physical activities. Here’s how athletic mouthguards can protect your smile while you do the things you love!

Athletic Mouthguards 101

Athletic mouthguards look like retainers but are much thicker. They are made of a soft, flexible material that is custom fitted to your smile. Depending on the type of activities you’re involved in, your dentist may recommend an upper mouthguard or an upper and lower. Athletic mouthguards protect the teeth, gums, and jaw as well as absorb impact to prevent damage.

Store-Bought Mouthguards vs. Professional-Made Mouthguards

It may be tempting to grab a generic boil-and-bite mouthguard from your local sporting goods store. However, generic mouthguards are not able to provide the same level of protection that a professional-made mouthguard can. Fit is key when it comes to mouthguard efficiency, which is why a custom-fitted mouthguard can protect your smile better than one from the store.

How Mouthguards Can Protect Your Smile

The leading cause of dental injuries is sports. Without an athletic mouthguard, contact or physical sports can potentially cause:

  • Bitten Tongues: Mouthguards cover your teeth and can prevent you from potentially biting into your tongue
  • Jaw Injuries: With shock-absorbing properties, mouthguards can minimize impact to your jaw
  • Knocked-Out Teeth: Mouthguards hold your teeth firmly in place to prevent tooth loss or tooth displacement
  • Tooth Chips & Fractures: Chipped teeth can occur during activities and with a mouthguard, you won’t have to worry about a stray ball or elbow chipping yours

Get Your Custom Athletic Mouthguard at Lefler Dental

Don’t settle for a store-bought mouthguard. Our Lefler Dental team can create a personalized mouthguard to provide your smile with the protection it deserves. Our goal is for our Hot Springs Village community to be able to enjoy the activities they love without having to stress about their teeth. Please contact us to schedule your mouthguard appointment!

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